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Your generous gift helps aviation careers take off!

The NYAP aircraft kit and its necessary accessories will be paid for by donations and sponsorships.

Available Sponsorship Opportunities

Naples Youth Aviation Project is also seeking major sponsors for the various components of the aircraft. Each aircraft completed through our program will be sold and the proceeds will be used to purchase another kit and the process will be repeated with another group of ambitious youngsters. A one-time payment will provide sponsorship of that component for all future Sling 2 aircraft built by the youth at NYAP. Each sponsor will receive recognition with a banner in the NYAP hangar, and recognition on our website and printed materials.

"I want to get a headstart in aerospace engineering."

Ali, age 12

"I love to fly and be around aircraft...I love to go to the airport and watch the planes land and takeoff and listen to the Air Traffic Control Tower."

Tristan, age 11

"I want to be a pilot when I grow up, and this will help me be what I want to be, and what I am passionate about!"

Eden, age 12


Hear from our participants...

"My goal is to attend the Annapolis Naval Academy and become a naval aviator. Participating in this program of both building and flying airplanes would give me an advancement in aeronautic knowledge before applying to Annapolis."

Chance, age 15

Begin your application to join the Naples Youth Aviation Project.

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